Brush teeth, floss & tongue scrape THEN water. Benefits of tongue scraping: improved taste, fresher breath (so much odor-causing bacteria lives on your tongue), improved overall health (removes harmful bacteria that inflames your gums and prevents cavities). My tongue scraper – here.

Skincare – vitamin c + spf. I love my sunday riley ceo cream for vitamin c – it is SO glowy & dewy and just gives your skin a beautiful brightness. my go-to spf right now is the acrure brand day cream with spf 30. it is lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast like a lot of spf’s do. It is also one of my favorite clean beauty brands.

Daily stoic reading & journal: I pick from either a gratitude journal, my let shit go journal, or just free writing. Daily stoic has a meditation for every day of the year, inspired by philosophers and inviting you to think and act more stoically.

Meditation: I find on YouTube for free, there are tons for specific things that could be on your mind.

Get outside: walk or just stepping into grass in backyard. I try to walk for 45 mins – 1 hour every day and has helped my mental health tremendously.

Vitamins: probiotics on empty stomach; multivitamin, fish oil, b12 & SP cleanse with food. Benefits of taking probiotics on an empty stomach: taking probiotics when stomac acid levels are lower can help ensure that more healthy bacteria survive and colonize the gut, where they can support your gut health and immune system.

Breaky: ideally outside, fruit first (promotes higher metabolism).

Exercise or stretch. I’ve been loving Solidcore reformer pilates classes. I book through ClassPass (1 month free here). Or I do the peloton stretches, spin classes or weights classes. Peloton has a free 60 day membership here – you can use it on your phone or ipad, you don’t have to have the bike. I am for weights 3-5 times a week.

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