I decided I wanted to get a super deep clean of my whole house, and am going to take you all along for the ride! Join me in the below challenge.

This is made for April 2023, which starts on a Saturday. The list is written to where the larger items are on the weekends. Feel free to switch it up to days you might have more time for larger areas!

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Recommended Items Needed:

All Purpose Spray Cleaner – I love Branch Basics or Attitude, or you can make your own.


Baking Soda

Laundry Soap





Dish Soap

Handheld scrub brush


Optional Items:

Descaling Liquid

Stainless Steel Spray

Shower Curtain Liner Replacement

Drain snake or wire hanger

Grout pen

Reusable microfiber rags

AC Filter

Floor cleaner – or make your own wood floor cleaner with 2 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. vinegar & 2.5 cups of hot water. Optional: Add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Wood Polish – or make your own with 2 tbsp. olive oil with ¼ cup vinegar and 2-4 drops of lemon essential oil in a spray bottle.

Glass cleaner – or make your own with ¼ cup of vinegar, ½ teaspoon of dish soap and 2 cups of water.


Shower cleaner – or make your own with 2 cups warm water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar. Shake well, add 1/2 cup of dish soap, shake well and put in a spray bottle.

Small funnel

Clean toothbrush or small sponge

Cabinet shelf liner

Glass spray bottles to make your own cleaning sprays

Replacement light bulbs as needed

Magic eraser

Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Brush

Straw cleaning brush


Day 1: Pantry

Throw out expired pantry products. Wipe down all pantry shelves.

Day 2: Refrigerator & Freezer

Throw out expired refrigerator and freezer products. Wipe out fridge. Wipe down tops and sides with stainless steel cleaner (if stainless). Scrub out ice maker & dry.

Day 3: Kitchen – Cabinets, Appliances, Counters

Wipe all kitchen cabinet fronts with an all purpose cleaner. Be sure to open all doors and drawers to also wipe the base of the cabinets. If you have wood cabinets, use a wood cleaner for this.

Wipe all appliances with stainless steel spray or all purpose cleaner, using a microfiber rag. Be sure to get all tops and sides. Optional: Scoot out the stove, microwave, fridge etc. and clean sides and underneath.

Wipe all items on counters, including underneath. Scrub backsplash and grout. Empty all containers and wash out (i.e. utensil holders).

Day 4: Kitchen – Shelves, Tupperware

Wipe each kitchen shelf, carefully removing items and then placing back once clean. Great time to add cabinet shelf liners.

Go through tupperware and recycle anything that doesn’t have a matching top or bottom. Great time to replace plastic with glass! Glass is free of chemicals, phthalates, BPA and other contaminants that have shown to be endocrine disruptors and harmful to our health.

Day 5: Descale Coffee Machine and/or Baby Brezza sterilizer and formula maker.

**If you don’t have either of these, take the day off or select from any of the optional items at the very bottom of this page.

Coffee Maker: With filters and grounds removed, fill the reservoir to max using half water, half vinegar. Run a brew or cleaning cycle, empty the carafe and run 2-3 more brew cycles with fresh, cool water.

Baby Brezza Sterilizer: Unplug. Wipe basin clean. Add descaling liquid or 1 part water & 1 part vinegar (1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar). Let sit 30 minutes. Pour out and wipe clean. Use distilled water to keep machine healthy.

Baby Brezza Formula Maker: Hand wash all components. Make sure all parts are dry and reassemble machine, leaving powder container completely empty. Fill the water tank with 20oz distilled water and run a 10oz cycle. Add Descaler Liquid, or 1 cup of vinegar inside the water tank with 12oz of water and run another 10oz cycle. Discard remaining liquid, and wash tank with mild soap and water, and refill with 20oz distilled water. Run another 10oz cycle to rinse out internal tubes of any residue.

Day 6: Clean Oven, Stove & Microwave


  • Option A: Use self cleaning function. Once cooled, wipe out with a damp cloth. Typically takes 3-5 hours and can produce unpleasant odor.
  • Option B: DIY Oven Cleaner. Use baking soda & water to form a paste, apply liberally to all interior parts of the oven, (optional: spray vinegar on top and let bubble up), let sit for 20 minutes (or longer). Use a sponge to scrub off and then wipe clean with a damp rag.


  • When it’s cool, spray it with vinegar and sprinkle baking soda over it. Moisten a towel in hot water and drape it over the baking soda and vinegar. After about 10 minutes, pick up the towel and use it to scrub the stove top clean, rinsing often. Spray more vinegar on the stove top and wipe it again. Soak any burner pans, grates in the sink with warm soapy water. Wipe clean. Optional: Use your stainless steel or glass cleaner for a final wipe down.


  • Start by mixing at least two tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water in a microwave-safe container. Microwave the mixture on high for five minutes. This mix will create extra-dense steam that breaks up grime and kills bad odors. After five minutes, carefully remove the container. Wipe with damp cloth.

Day 7: Dishwasher

Clean the filter:

  • Remove the filter – Remove your lower dish rack to expose the bottom of your dishwasher. Then, gently lift and pull the lower filter forward to remove it.

Clean the dishwasher:

  • Fill a dishwasher-safe bowl with 1 cup of white vinegar and place it on the bottom of the empty dishwasher. Set the dishwasher to run on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will break down any remaining bits of food, grease, soap scum, residue, and any other leftover grime. Wipe down with damp cloth.

Day 8: Bathroom

Throw out expired beauty and makeup products, including in your shower and replacing loofas as necessary. Wipe out all bathroom cabinets, drawers and shelves. Optional: Organize into bins.

Day 9: Closet

Organize closet and dresser. Remove any clothing items from shelves and wipe down. Vacuum and mop closet floor. Donate old clothes. Throw away old underwear, and any mis-matched socks. Optional: Turn all hangers facing inward, then next year, see which items you actually wore. If you didn’t wear them – donate.

Day 10: Drains

  • Snake any drains in tubs or showers that have been having trouble draining.
  • Clean drains in all sinks. Scrub inside disposal or sink drain. Pour half cup baking soda & then half cup of vinegar. Plug drain and wait 1 hour. Pour boiling water down drain.

Day 11: Bathroom

Wipe all cabinet fronts. Deep clean shower & tubs.

Day 12: Bath Mats, Shower Curtains

Wash all bath mats in the washer. Use baking soda in the machine, a little bit of laundry detergent, and then vinegar in the fabric softener compartment. Wash on hot water, let air dry.

Wash shower curtain. If fabric, wash in washer on gentle cycle with the above combo of baking soda, detergent and vinegar. If plastic, take down and scrub in bath tub. Try to wipe water down as much as possible. Then hang back up and wipe down again. Let air dry. Replace shower curtain liner if applicable.

Day 13: Washer & Dryer

Wipe out washer and dryer inside with damp cloth. Be sure to clean out the rubber part of the opening as well. Clean outside of both machines with all purpose cleaner. Optional: move out washer & dryer and sweep & mop underneath. Another optional: Have someone come out to clean the dryer vent. Not cleaning the dryer vent can cause fires!!

Clean filters: Wipe the Filter and Housing. Open the filter housing and wipe away lint and debris using paper towels. Scrub the Filter. Using a soft-bristle brush, such as an old toothbrush or dish brush, scrub the filter to remove lint and debris that has built up on the filter.

Deep clean washer: Set your washer to the hottest and longest wash setting available. Place two cups of vinegar in the drum. Add a quarter cup of baking soda. Start the cycle. Once the cycle is done you need to scrub around the inside of the drum with a quarter cup of water using a sponge.

Day 14: Bathroom

Grout: Remove surface dirt with hot water and a towel. Mix together ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup vinegar, 1 tsp dish soap. Spoon cleaning agents onto grout and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Scrub the grout lines with a brush. Wipe clean. Optional: Use a grout pen in the color of your grout to really make it look nice!

Scrub: Sinks, toilets, wipe around toilet base, wipe any soap dispensers and trays, scrub and wipe down any items that sit on bathroom counters,

Day 15: Deep Vacuum & Wash Bedding

Deep Vacuum whole house. This includes the couch, removing couch cushions and vacuuming out under cushions, vacuuming the cushions and pillows themselves. Vacuuming all mattresses, and headboard if cloth. Moving big furniture and rugs and vacuuming underneath.

Wash all bedding in your room and guest rooms. This includes washing any foam pillows on a gentle cycle in the washer, and drying on delicate setting in the dryer. Optional: Use dryer balls + essential oils in the dryer! Check out my post on how to wash whites without bleach!

Day 16: Baseboards and Mop

Using hot soapy water and a sponge, scrub baseboards and dry with microfiber rag. I like to wipe along the top with the rag to get any residue left. Be sure to focus on the edge where the baseboard meets the floor when scrubbing too! A magic eraser works wonders here.

Mop whole house. Make sure that you are moving furniture and mopping underneath. Use a wood floor cleaner on wood to make it shine!

Day 17: AC Closet

Vacuum or sweep out the AC closet. Use small nozzle of vacuum or wipe out thoroughly any dust in and around the AC unit with a damp cloth. Carefully wipe the vent, scrub the vent with a toothbrush and dry well. Change filter if needed.

Day 18: Dust

Dust all furniture in the house. I use a duster first, and then wipe down all surfaces of all furniture using an all purpose cleaner, and a wood polish on all wood items.

Day 19: Office

Using a glass cleaner or all purpose cleaner. Wipe down and detail keyboard, wiping in between all keys, around and underneath. Wipe down all TV screens and monitors (glass cleaner is best for this) with a microfiber rag. Wipe your cell phone down with all purpose cleaner. Remove the case and wipe the whole thing. Clean case well too.

Day 20: Mirrors, Frames & Plants

Wipe all mirrors and frames throughout the house with glass cleaner. Be sure to wipe all edges, tops, and lips.

Wipe down any leaves on fake plants. Remove any large fake plants from their pots and clean out the pot itself. Dusting the base of the fake plant as well. Any real plants – prune if necessary, break up soil, water if needed, mist if needed, wipe pot down.

Day 21: Doors

Wipe down all doors & handles inside and out with an all purpose cleaner. If your doors are wood, use a wood cleaner here.

Day 22: Blankets and Rugs

Wash all blankets, washable rugs and pillow covers throughout the house.

Day 23: Kids Toys & Patio

If Kids – Wash all plush toys, play mats, bouncer, swing, high chair & stroller inserts on delicate setting in washer. Wash blankets, towels, rags, bibs, diaper bag. Wipe down jumpers, hard toys, activity gym, play pen, foam play mat.

Sweep patio and spray down well. Be sure to move any furniture pieces and sweep and spray underneath. Scrub any surfaces with hot soapy water and wipe down with damp cloth. Optional: rent a power washer.

Day 24: Curtains & Blinds

Wash all curtains on delicate setting. Wipe down blinds. Depending on grime level, may use hot soapy water & sponge and dry well with microfiber rag. Wipe down all window sills and window molding well.

Day 25: Kitchen Cabinets

Organize kitchen cabinets. Donate any old pots, pans and appliances you don’t use.

Day 26: Tables & Chairs

Wipe down (or scrub) all tables and chairs including underneath and legs. If wood, use wood cleaner.

Day 27: Decor & Wood

Clean inside of decorative vases, rinsing and scrubbing out with warm water. Dry well with microfiber towel. Wipe down all knick knacks throughout the house.

Polish all wood furniture with wood cleaner.

Day 28: Fans & Lighting

Dust all fans and wipe down with all purpose cleaner. Dry well with microfiber rag. Wipe down all light fixtures with glass cleaner or all purpose cleaner. Replace any light bulbs that are out.

Wipe all light fixtures and sockets with all purpose cleaner and microfiber rag.

Day 29: Pet Items & Porch

If Pets – Wash all plush toys in washer on delicate setting. Deep clean all pet bowls, any mats, wash beds in washer. Spray down hard toys. Clean out any toys and throw away ones that aren’t in great shape or are no longer needed.

Porch – Sweep and spray down front porch. Clean up and prune any plants as needed. Charge doorbell if needed. Wipe down front and back door inside and outside. Spray down front of house if needed.

Day 30: Windows

Clean all windows inside and outside. Open windows and clean out the bottom inside.

Outside: Scrub outside, spray down. Can use a bucket of hot soapy water. Finish with glass cleaner and microfiber rag. Optional: Use a squeegee for no streaks!

Inside: Spray with glass cleaner and use microfiber rag.

Optional Add Ons:

Organize Spices – Replace with glass jars & labels.

Pantry organization with containers & labels.

Bathroom organization with containers.

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