Just because you’re at a bachelorette party, doesn’t mean the group isn’t still craving fitness. We listed our favorite options for all the party ladies out there that are still fun, local, and helps to sweat out the toxins.

Spin Class

If there is any workout that really helps us to sweat out the booze—it’s spin class. Not only are spin classes extremely fun, but they are a killer workout. Now specifically, there are rhythm-based spin classes that we highly recommend for large groups. You get to ride to the beat of the music, feel like you’re in a dance party, all while sweating out toxins and giving you the ultimate glow.

Love Cycling Studio

LOVE is a local studio in ATX that values community and customer service. They also are the only studio in Austin with a state-of-the-art video wall. We love the clean, sleek look of the studio, warmth of the instructors, classes that push you and with music that always keeps us having a blast.

Locations: Downtown – 5th and Pressler (West of Lamar)

Favorite Instructors: David Garza (be ready for a dance party!), Megan Knight (be ready to sweat and stay on beat!), Bryan Gonzalez (video classes!)

Cost: $23/class ($50, 3 Class Pack Special for new members)

Parking: Free parking garage connected to building

On ClassPass for 5-9 credits!

Pole Dancing Classes

Brass Ovaries – A multi-functional aerial arts studio in Austin that strives to expose clients to the vertical world. They seek to maintain an attentive training facility so that guests are free to explore and release their inner monkey. They are open to all women, men, and trans-identified persons no matter your race, ethnicity, age, shape, size, or fitness level.

Inner Diva Studios – The largest pole studio in Austin with 10 poles to accommodate all of your party guests. Starting at $35 per diva, this includes a 1- or 2-hour Private Class of your choice: Pole, Twerk, Hoop Dance, Burlesque, or Chair. You will gain expert instruction in the dance style of your choice, by one of their certified instructors. Plus, you get a sexy swag bag for the Bachelorette.

SoFly Social – Austin’s elite dance studio specializing in Pole Dance, Chair Tease, Flexibility, and Soulful Movement. Pole dance instructors teach a diverse set of pole dance styles ranging from Pole Fitness, Low Flow, Contemporary, Broadway Fusion to Exotic Dance. Located in the heart of the Webberville District on the East Side of Austin, the Space is intimate and energizing—sun drenched during the day with sensual mood lighting at night.

Hot Yoga With Weights

Sweat out your booze and tone up your bod with some of Austin’s favorite hot yoga sculpt classes.

Wanderlust YoStrong – YoStrong is built on a foundation of yoga postures and breath, and integrates weight training and athletic conditioning. This is a high-intensity fusion class that incorporates vinyasa flows, hand weights and interval training for a full-body workout. Expect to sweat, work hard, and have fun! Classes are scheduled as either 50 minutes or 60 minutes.

CorePower Sculpt – When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you move to upbeat tracks. You’ll combine free weights with CorePower Yoga 2 sequencing and cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls. At over 200 studios nationwide, CorePower Yoga offers yoga fitness classes that range in challenge, flow and style to fit every experience level.

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