I love incorporating bootcamp workouts into my weekly routine. Building muscle not only allows you to burn fat, it helps you burn calories even days after a workout. Below are my favorite bootcamp-type workouts in Austin.


This one is a real butt-kicker. It is half cardio – running intervals on a treadmill; and half weights on the floor. You can also choose to do double treadmill or double floor as well.

Locations: New Location Coming Soon (Currently at 524 N Lamar Blvd Suite 300, Austin, TX 78703)

Favorite Instructors: Annette & Kolbie!

Cost: $32/class or $100 for 3 classes for first time members

Parking: Garage attached

E+E Fitness

These are bootcamps and cardio kickboxing classes in an open gym-like bootcamp facility. Your first bootcamp at E+E is $6, or your first kickboxing class is $10. Their goal is to “Elevate + Evolve” community fitness by challenging members to learn new things while also creating a fun, approachable group class.

Locations: East 6th (E&E Fitness)

Favorite Instructors: Cody Wescott (also at Equinox!), Paige Harrell (so positive!) Patrice (her classes are TOUGH), Zeik (also teaches kickboxing)

Cost: $30/class or $160/month ($80 for first month – special running right now)

Parking: East 6th/E+E – Street Parking

*Classes are 4-8 Credits on ClassPass.

E+E Fitness


Stronghorn is an outdoor group fitness workout hosted in a variety of locations around Central Austin. Each location has a different schedule. See info below to figure out which ones you can attend. They have a donation based Saturday community classes at Zilker park, too!

Locations: Six – All Around Downtown

Duncan Park – West 9th Street

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 6:15-7 p.m.

Frost Tower – 5th and Congress

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 12-12:45 p.m.

300 West 6th – 6th and Colorado, in the building where Gloria’s is located

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 7:30-8:15 a.m., 11:30-12:15 p.m.

500 West 2nd – 2nd and Guadalupe, near Google, Flowerchild, North, etc.

100 Congress – Cesar Chavez and Congress

Personal Training

111 Congress – Cesar Chavez and Congress, in the building with Fareground

Group Fitness – Coming Soon

Favorite Instructors: Jess (owner), Garret (also does personal training)

Cost: $80/month

Saturday Community Class at 9 a.m. at Zilker Park – Donation Based (bring a mat)

Parking: Zilker and Duncan park – free parking, Downtown buildings – you’ll have to find street parking, these are likely for most people who work in the downtown area and can walk over before, after, or during their work days

*Classes not on ClassPass at this time. 


Camp Gladiator

Similar to Stronghorn, this is an outdoor group fitness class held in locations all over Austin. Bring a mat, a set of weights, and water. These are TOUGH workouts but you will see results quickly, and get super toned.

Locations: Over 50 in the Austin area, check out the website to see the ones closest to you on days that work for your schedule.

Favorite Instructors: There are hundreds!!

Cost: $75/month

Parking: Dependent upon location

*Classes not on ClassPass at this time. 


Each CrossFit gym is its own franchise so they are all a bit different. The traditional Crossfit classes include a Workout of the Day (WOD) and weighted reps. The South Lamar location has some awesome bootcamp classes like HIIT and Tabata that we love. Take a class with Chad!

Locations: 41 Locations in the Austin Area

Favorite Instructors: Chad at South Lamar!! (came from Castle Hill, also does personal training and super tough bootcamp classes)

Cost: $20/class, depending on studio and how many classes, can be $75-200/month – For Kraus Fit (Chad) specifically it’s $60/month for unlimited!

Parking: Depends on Location, most have free parking in front of studio or on street

*Classes are 4-7 Credits on ClassPass.

CrossFit SOLA – Chad Kraus

Athletic Outcomes

This circuit, group-fitness facility is easily accessible from Central Austin and the East Side.

Locations: East Riverside

Favorite Instructors: Brittaney (aka Dr. B) and Kat (so warm and welcoming, but will also push you super hard, her classes are great!)

Cost: $20/class, or $170/month

Parking: Parking in lot

*Classes are 4 credits on ClassPass.

Athletic Outcomes

Orange Theory

These are circuit workouts with a strong focus on cardio intervals on the treadmill that mix in weighted workouts in between.

Locations: 26 Locations in Austin area!

Favorite Instructors: Hundreds in Austin – we like Alexa and Kate at the South Lamar location!

Cost: First Class Free – $59/month for 4 classes, $89 for 8 classes and $159 for unlimited classes

Parking: Depends on location – Downtown they validate parking and South Lamar there is a parking garage

*Classes are not on ClassPass at this time.


45 minute circuit-style HIIT workouts. They do Cardio classes M, W, F, and Resistance classes Tue, Thurs, with Hybrid classes on Saturdays & Sundays.

Locations: 10 Locations in Austin – Westlake, North Shoal Creek, Oak Hill, Domain, Parmer & 183, Four Points, Jolleyville, Lakeway, Round Rock, and Cedar Park

Favorite Classes: Roman and Panthers

Cost: First Class Free – or $34/class, or $50/week

Parking: Free Parking in Front of Studio

*Classes are not on ClassPass at this time.


Check out these 30-minute kickboxing workouts! There are different trainers every day and there are not specific class times. This makes it very easy to go in and get a quick (and tough) 30-minute workout for any schedule.

Locations: 11 in Austin – South Lamar, Airport Blvd, Far West and Mopac, Braker and 183, 620 & 2222, Lakeway (620 & 71), West Parmer, Cedar Park, Hutto, Round Rock, Leander

Cost: $89/month for unlimited

Parking: Depends on location – free parking in lots or garages

*Classes are not on ClassPass at this time.


They have 45-minute and hour-long kickboxing classes that combine boxing, body weight exercises and HIIT training intervals that work your full body. Try the Kickboxing & Killer Core class!

Locations: West 6th – Across from Clarks (Between Walsh and Pressler)

Favorite Instructors: David Garza (also owns Love Cycling)

Cost: $25/class, $165/month unlimited

Parking: Free Parking in front of studio

*Classes are 5-7 credits on ClassPass.


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