I talk a lot about how much I love lymphatic drainage. Below are the top questions I get & our answers! I am not a doctor or esthetician, this is just what I’ve learned from my own research & everyone should do what works best for them. ⁣

What is it?⁣

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that will encourage the natural drainage of hundreds of lymph nodes, which carries waste. When there’s any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up which causes puffiness & inflammation. ⁣


People incorporate facial lymphatic drainage into their beauty regimen helping with puffy, dull complexion & skin irritation. Some call it a nonsurgical facelift. Also improves the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles & eye bags.⁣

ATX for Lymphatic Drainage Massage⁣

Brazilicious Beauty Spa – Right before my wedding I tried searching for places in Austin & couldn’t find many. I have been to several before discovering Brazilicious and this is by far my favorite. Traditional lymphatic drainage massages are very light and honestly, the first few I got I couldn’t tell any difference. Finally, I found out about the Brazilian technique & you leave feeling like you got a real massage, but also feel toned, literally zero inflammation or bloating at all. ⁣

How often?⁣

Results from a professional massage last about 48 hours but, I do at home lymphatic massage daily. ⁣

At Home Tips⁣

Every single day I dry brush before a shower. Start from the bottom of your legs and brush upward towards your heart. It gets your lymph system moving, boosts metabolism & detoxification, helps with energy, & is a great exfoliant!⁣ Get my dry brush here for $16.
I also use a gua sha stone on my face after putting on my oils & serums. Picture above shows how. ⁣Get my Gua Sha here for $11. 

Side Effects⁣

If you’ve never done any form of lymphatic drainage, the first pro massage can make you feel a little icky bc your body is detoxifying. Once you start doing it more frequently that can subside. ⁣

Where do the toxins go? ⁣

When your lymphatic system is drained, it flushes out through your lymph nodes. Drink a ton of water to help clear any toxins out.

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