Getting back in the swing of things after the holidays is always rough. Here are a few of my favorite things to help with sleep & getting back on track. ⁣⁣

Nighttime Tea

Chamomile, valerian root & lavender are common ingredients to look for in sleepy time teas. you can find sleepy teas at any grocery store or online.

Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea – Find it for $4 here. 

Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea – Find it for $7 here. 

⁣Valerian Root Tea – Find it for $5 here.


This isn’t something I take all the time but after a day of too much caffeine, drinking alcohol or even an early morning alarm this typically helps. It is a natural vitamin instead of a harsh over the counter sleep med that has poor side effects. Find my favorite here for $10.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Sets the mood to drift off into a perfect nights rest. Lavender is believed to be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression & restlessness⁣. Find it here for $7.

Red Light on Your Phone

It’s no secret that blue light on phones & TVs before bed makes it harder to fall asleep. ⁣⁣

PRO TIP: turn the red light setting on your phone to block the blue light screen in the hours leading up to bed. ⁣⁣⁣
⁣Go to > settings > accessibility > accessibility shortcut > color filters.

THEN ⁣⁣go to > settings > accessibility > display & text size > color filters > color tint > change to red hue and select your intensity.

THEN triple click the right side button and BAM red screen, easily turn on & off by triple clicking the right side button.⁣

Set The Mood

Sound machines, fans for proper temp, salt lamps, diffuser with lavender oils, and a silk sleeping mask.

Favorite Sound Machine – Find it here for $30. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Find it here for $35. 

Diffuser – Find it here for $15.

Essential Oils – Find a start kit for $15. 

Silk Sleeping Mask – Dupe for the Silk Sleeping Mask – Find it here for $10.

Night Time Routine

Wash your face, skincare, brush teeth, etc. is always going to help you be more relaxed. Check out my PM skincare routine post too!⁣


I love the headspace app or the calm app. Can even find ones that are 2-3 minutes⁣.

Read a Book

Studies found reading for 30 minutes was associated w/ lower blood pressure & heart rate. Reading for as few as 6 min before bed reduced stress by 68%⁣.

Silk Pillowcase

Helps w/ hair, skin & wrinkles. I like having a few in the closet so you can flip it over each night & change it every few days w/o having to do laundry. Find mine here for $20.

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